it feels like a perfect summer night.
i’m sitting out on the lawn in the dark.
there’s a sleeping little baby boy beside me.
i’ve been babysitting for my friend’s nephew.

i have two more finals left in my undergrad degree.
it feels weird, i never really thought i’d make to the end.
and in these last months i have made some really beautiful friendships.
it seems ironic that now is when i would finally be leaving lynchburg, va.

but in case you didn’t know, i’m heading to hawaii.
and i am confident that there will be many more beautiful nights like this ahead.
and i also believe that there will be new and different and beautiful friendships there.
whatever is ahead, i know it will be so good for me to just be able to get alone with God.

i think the most accurate word to describe how i have felt these past four years is this:

“she must and shall go free.”