i never thought i’d ever say i wished i was in lynchburg. especially not having been gone for that long. especially while currently sitting in hawaii. but some of my favorite people in the world are now living in the burg. and i miss them. a lot.


this is my sister katie.
i miss our late night walks and talks. i miss our cell phone updates throughout the day. i miss eating her cooking at our red kitchen table. and i miss chasing opossums together.


this is carolyn (with sarah below, who is in denver but may be in the burg soon: sigh).
she’s my best friend from maine. however. she married a man from north carolina. and they moved to the burg this summer. after i left. i really miss her. i miss cafe mochas at midnight. i miss watching shooting stars on the hood of her car. i miss cursing and laughing in the same breath.


this is jenna (and nephew caleb).
i miss finding her around campus. and hiding in my office during convocation. i miss monday nights with baby caleb and free pizza. i even miss getting hit on by mexican men at el hurados. hah. its hard to believe we weren’t really friends until last spring semester. [unless you count that time leslie and i dropped her off at the ::cough:: adult store. at midnight. to check the hours. and we drove off.] we bonded quickly. thanks to our own red headed female bob marley. and strawberry hookah.


this is emily. our red headed female bob marley. and all that that implies. i miss the late night waffle house excursions. watching the ashes from the waitresses cigarette fall into the coffee pot. as she poured it into our mugs. and the basement. and downtown on firstfridays.


this is toronzo. the man in my life. we hung out all 4 years i was in the burg. he was the naughtiest kid there, so of course i liked him right away. i miss his naughtiness. i miss building forts with him. and teaching him to climb trees. and i miss seeing him soften, seeing him learn to accept love. i miss seeing him run to me right away and ask: where you been? i love you, hilary.

[i love them].