I spent the afternoon sitting in a kiawi tree, on this branch hanging out over the Pacific Ocean. The waves rolling by, aqua, emerald and blue. A yellow row boat anchored out in the bay. Secluded, I feel free. Times like this make me never want to leave this place. I just have to learn to live like this no matter the location…to find quiet places of peace, to simply rest in God’s presence, anywhere and everywhere.

I desire to enter more deeply into that hidden life in God. To simply and freely love all others. And to believe that He loves me. To walk and breathe and rejoice in love…to carry it out wherever we are. That’s what I want.

Part of me is very content in this alone time. This just me and Jesus on the beach time. Such precious days. Days that I would love to live forever. But also. They make me a little apprehensive about the busyness of the rest of the world. The routine of a 9-5 life. And at the same time, I’ve missed people while I’ve been here. I’ve missed sharing these things with my beloveds. So many times I’ve been driving down to the East End, windows down, Marley blaring…and have thought, I’d like there to be someone in the passenger seat right about now.

If you walk alone for too long, I think you get tired. I am thankful for a God who loves me, adores me, who is involved in my life.

“the cure for too much to do is solitude and silence, for there you find that you are safely more than you do. and the cure for loneliness is solitude and silence, for there you discover in how many ways you are never alone.” [dallas williard]