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i think i’ll start a new life.

i did.
i moved to boston to start a new life.
or [rather] to embrace this life i have.
i’m a twenty-something college grad.
i’m an aspiring [struggling] journalist.
i’m desiring to live in true community.
i’ve been in need for more adventures.
the move.

and now, three months into it…

i’m already getting the itch to move again.
try something else new.
something else different.
try the south west or west coast.
and get outta this country fast[er].

i learned so much about myself on molokai.
so much quiet & beauty.
so much freedom [lack of distraction] to look at God
to see him for who he really is.
and to see myself.
for who i really am.
i learned a lot about just being.
and enjoying the simplicity of being.
about the simplicity of a life of faith.
the simplicity and sincerity of a life with Jesus.

hang onto that.
i tell myself that all the time.
to remember, practice, be disciplined [be free] in what i came to know & believe.

so now in the busyness of the city life.
can i just be?
among them.
[with Jesus.]