it’s cooled off outside.
but inside is incredibly warm.
i have the fan on… blowing in air from the outside.
and along with that air is the aroma of Indian food from the market down the block.
and along with that aroma is the smell of pot from the three old irish men who live below.

[i seem to have a thing for acquiring old men neighbors who have an affinity for weed.]

i have so many thoughts running through my head.
the weekend in maine was amazingly good, yet not long enough at all.
my body feels weird and has for awhile, but this afternoon i allowed myself to worry about it.
i want to move, but i really, really don’t want the over an hour commute twice a day, twice a week.
i’ve been reflecting on island living, and how it teaches you to just be… the city beckons you to act, always.
but the land surrounded by sea, says just be, just wait, just be, just rest, just learn who you are and who He is and learn to see and know all the beautiful beloveds who surround you. and at the same time, calls you to live wildly.