in the fourthish move in the last year [virginia->maine->hawaii->maine->massachusetts] i have now moved to apartment #2 of my boston era. i didn’t sleep much all last night then entered into one of those hard awful sleeps in the last two hours, before waking at 9:30. the kind where you stagger when you stand and feel as though you have a hangover. or have been hit by a semi.

i am awake now.

i have not had coffee yet.

my new dwelling is empty of both food and people. the roommates are off and about. the new roomies are good people though. i know this not just because they have a general likeability and live here because they love Jesus, but also because i have already looked through their bookshelves. and that says a lot about a soul.

the weight of where i am now living is starting to settle in. it couldn’t really, in the midst of the chaos of moving to the other end of the city without owning a car, having had a few paycheckless weeks.

but as i have sat here this morning, reading and writing, coffeeless, my heart begins to well up. with ache and excitement. i wonder what it will bring. i am saddened by the statistics. knowing oh too well that there are beautiful and hurting lives behind each one.

read here.

these are my neighbors.

code for living:
1. love God.
2. love your neighbors.