i love late summer sun.
it is the perfect temperature and feels so good on my face.
it casts a perfect golden light on the world.
after a summer of rain, this end of august air & sunshine is much delighted in.
i am outside as much as possible on Briac days

our on the porch reading list for today:
– diggers and cranes (of course)
– where the wild things go
– corduroy
– the old lady who swallowed a fly
– duke the diggingest dog

i cannot fathom how much my life has changed within the course of a year [+]
a major move to hawaii. a return to new england (maine), another major move to boston. smaller move from davis square to dorchester (read: ghetto). several pay the rent and feed me jobs. two semi-longerish term jobs. intern. trading in the laid back life of hawaii for the high pace of east coast boston. a boyfriend. new friends. visits with old friends. making it in the last of my early 20’s year.

as joel has pointed out… during college life just kind of happened to us. we had that course schedule we had to adhere to. we were committed to a certain locale for three [-] years. we daydreamed about the life ahead a lot. and now. we make life happen. or we get swallowed up in the hum drum.

trying to live boldly, simply: an intentionally loving life.