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fall has been looming in the air for nearly a week.
each morning i fight the urge for warm cozy clothes.
must wear tank top and flip flops as oft as possible…
the can’t-go-outside-without-5-layers-on weather lasts long enough (read 10 months a year).

this morning i woke at 5:30 to head for work.
it was still dark. the first sign of winters approach.
and then i heard the sound of canadian geese overhead.
it’s a good sign in spring. at the end of summer, it can only mean one thing:
fall is here to stay.

hold on, summer, hold on.
fall i like you very well. but its just that you never come alone.
you always bring winter, and you know winter and i just don’t get along at all.
summer, please, stay a bit longer with your warm sunshine and heavy floral scents.
stay away fall, just a bit longer… i’ll be ready soon enough… just keep that winter pushed far back.