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Joel & I have been out looking for one of his students.

Her name is Amanda, she is 14, she ran away last sunday night.
She is white, has short brown hair, and is medium height.
She likes to hang out with the artsy crowd.

You won’t hear about her on the news.
She isn’t rich and she has a record.
The cops don’t care,
nor does the media,
and they assume that you won’t care either… and they want your money most.

The week before she ran, she had been hanging out with a 26 year old man.
We have a huge problem with pimps and young teen girls in this area.
[Thank you Craigslist for making this possible with your erotic services section].

My heart breaks and my stomach churns thinking of her.
Please pray she’ll come home soon, that she’s safe and that she will come to know her true worth and be loved.