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Red Sox to the playoffs!!! Heck yes.

The Yankees were officially eliminated yesterday.
I read this article about the new stadium, verifying that they definitely & completely suck, just on basic moral principle.

If I had a chance to sit down with the hierarchy of the Yankees, I would tell them, ‘Why did you take away the park and hurt my kids?'” Sullivan says. “You’re going to build a stadium and move it 1,000 feet to the other side of 161st Street, to charge the price of tickets that my kids and the people of this community won’t have a hope of paying for. Shame on you.”

Shame on the Yankees, indeed.

In other news… I picked a winner [MVP!] when I bypassed Ellsbury for Pedroia. The boy’s got skills. MLB leader in stolen base percentage AND is currently tied for fifth in hits for a Red Sox player in one season… trailing the great Jim Rice.