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[Any of you Goodwill Hunting fans will know what the title of this post is from]

Tonight Joel will be presenting his program [Bridging the Gap] for at-risk youth to the Harvard Black Law Students Association fundraising dinner. I would be so proud to be the woman on his arm tonight- but alas they didn’t extend an invitation to “a guest.”

I’ve helped him work on his presentation and I’m really excited for it. HBLSA is currently one of their partners, but hopefully after tonight they will decide to become even more involved. A few of the law students speak to a BTG class once a semester already and Joel’s kids always respond really positively. I’m hoping they will become even more involved, possibly forming a mentoring relationship.

So while Joel is presenting to Harvard Law, I think I am going to head to Peets Coffee or TeaLux in Harvard Square, to work on my own upcoming presentation on human trafficking to Park Street Church. Busy times for us both, but I really feel like God is giving us mediums that allow the voices of the marginalized people we love be heard.