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It’s likely that I’m going to be losing my job in the next few weeks due to major budget hacking.

And, perhaps oddly, I am ok with that.

Sure there is that how-do-i-pay-the-rent-and-phone-bill-and-afford-to-eat fear.

more overwhelmingly is the feeling of freedom. Ahh. Another chance to wiggle out from under the desk job and move into what I really love. So I’m scouring idealist.org and other non-profit websites. I’m looking overseas and a few places stateside too.  And if I could pull off getting paid to travel [“working”] then the rent and phone bill would no longer be necessary anyway. I lived on $40 a week in Hawaii. Which equals about $20 on the mainland. And when I first moved to Boston I was only making about $120 a week and I still managed to pay all my bills, stressful as it could be.

Less is more.

It’s just time for yet another adventure. And the life of the starving artist writer continues on.