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Craigslist, oh Craigslist. Bane of my existence.

Official Getting Married To Do List:
√ Say yes
√ Set a date
√ Find a venue
√ Book a caterer
√ Ask bridesmaids
√ Make invitations
√ Buy a dress
√ Register
Book a photographer
√ Pick a honeymoon spot
Find a place to live after we’re actually married

That last one has been/is the hardest. We’re living in Boston. Boston is expensive. We both work for non-profits/ministries and probably always will. We’re poor. We want to live among the poor, so that we can more readily love them. But even living among the poor in Boston is difficult for us to afford on our salaries. We’re praying that God will put us right in the middle of the community that he wants us to be active in, with the neighbors he wants us to serve and love.

In the meanwhile, Craigslist, I’m quite sick of you. The endless pouring over your badly designed webpages is hurting my eyes and killing my soul.