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I wrote this two years ago, from a coffee shop in Hawaii, on my 23rd birthday. In honor of passing my 25th, I thought I should re-post it. I am happy to say that many of these are in the works, and all are still dear to my heart.

August 17, 2007

My ambitions at 23:

–    Drive cross country [in the Chevelle]
–    Own a Chevelle
–    Backpack through Europe
–    Get my pilots license
–    Hike the Appalachian trail
–    Fall in love
–    Live on a remote island in the pacific
–    Live on a sailboat in Greece
–    Live in Ireland
–    Go to Alaska
–    Raise horses
–    Have an old farmhouse
–    Fill said farmhouse with naughty, wild children who need freedom and a lot of love
–    Fall in love with a man who is my best friend
–    Be romanced by said man
–    Marry said man
–    Spend the night on the beach
–    Watch the sunrise every year on my birthday
–    Have a house that’s always open to anyone
–    Learn to play the guitar
–    Become a potter
–    Keep painting
–    Write at least three reading worthy novels
–    Have a feature in national geographic
–    Change a life with a simple touch
–    Love the broken
–    Care for the dying
–    Go where i’m sent
–    Learn Arabic
–    Watch a game at Fenway
–    Go to Sudan and Palestine
–    Live in the middle east
–    Hike the Himalayas
–    Start a micro financing program somewhere
–    Adopt kids as much as God allows
–    Have kids of my own
–    Dance under a pier when the tide is coming in
–    Get “beloved” tattooed on my wrist
–    Learn to develop my own film
–    See the grand canyon
–    Explore Rome
–    Live in a London [and/or Dublin] flat
–    Live in Boston
–    Go to a prestigious Grad school
–    Visit my family often
–    Love the refugees
–    Make a documentary