It’s official. We’re married. As of October 3, 2009. We have photos and a certificate to prove it. I will be posting many, many photos to share with you all in the coming days. I’ve neglected this blog out of the sheer enjoyment of just finally being married.

We love being married.

It’s just so fun to finally be with your best friend all the time. To wake up with each other and have our morning coffee & Jesus time together. Rather than calling each other and asking if they’re going to be ready in time to commute to work together so you can actually see each other more than an hour a day. Also, hanging out in a room together without feeling like you are intruding on roommates or having to whisper all things including arguments so as to not be overheard. And in the past 40 days I’m proud to say we’ve only had one argument. Which resulted from buying a build your own couch in a box and trying to put it together after midnight (bad ideas all around).

We have a lovely little studio which we are furnishing piece by piece with thrift store finds (except for the couch-in-a-box). It has lots of sunlight, which is my favorite. I have found myself cooking alot, something which I have never done before, and I’m actually quite edible. Who would have thought?

But yes, being married is wonderful. I highly reccommend it – so long as you’ve found your best friend.


here is a link to a little preview of our photos taken by our lovely friend from the West, Danette.