Is life anything but?

Has it ever been?

We are reading the Bible through chronologically in 2010. I have finished Job and Genesis now. It seems that life – with sin – has always been so very tumultuous. Hard. Difficult. Painful. Grievous. Where is joy? Freedom? Laughter? Love? And peace?

How we are -and always have been- in need of the peace of Jesus. We long for that. I long for that. Can it ever be known on earth? Will it ever come to pass? It seems like this longing for things to be made right is the theme of humanity.

For me, living in the city, it seems as though we are especially void of it. Of course there is no peace. Did you not hear the gunshots last night? Wasn’t it your friend who was mugged last week? Wasn’t it your 15 year old who is headed for lock-up today? Wasn’t it your brother who was killed in the park last night? The more people, the less peace. But even in the country, with the quiet days and restful nights, there is still sin and deception and evil. Just less people.

We cry “peace, peace!”… and there is no peace.

My heart aches. And yet, I will continue to place my love and alliance with a King and a Kingdom.