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Yesterday Joel & I ventured to the famous Brimfield Antique Show for the afternoon. I’ve seen this event featured in home and design magazines and blogs for years. It’s a mecca for those who love all things old and unique. Though I quickly learned, it is not for the faint of heart. If you are someone who likes to antique on the weekends at quaint, clean little shops while stopping to lunch at little cafe — this is not the place for you. Brimfield is a few acres of roadside tents with lots of dust and dirt and fried foods.

I was totally overwhelmed at just the sheer amount of stuff and this fall (there is another week long sale in September)  will definitely have more of a game plan. We think we ought to save some $$ to spend on a few select “fixer-up-er” pieces that we can re-sell.

There were some whimsical displays and lovely pieces in shades of my favorite color. I would have loved to photograph these, but Joel was keeping himself entertained with the camera. So we have a few photos to share, however they are of the oddities that lent to the carnival feel of the show.