My friend Nirvana lost her infant son, Gabriel, two weeks ago. He was just six weeks old. Heart wrenching. I know grief, but I cannot imagine the magnitude of losing your baby. Nirvana is shattered, but she keeps reminding me of a mosaic. Because she has given each of those shards to the God. And we know what beautiful things our Creator does when he picks up broken pieces. I so admire her faith, and was touched deeply by this poem she shared with us at Gabriel’s funeral.

I knew you before I  held you
You touched my heart in a way no other can
The day I finally held you
I knew I held an angel in my hands

Your crying drove me crazy
But the times I saw you smile
You lifted my heart to heaven
Cause God gave me a beautiful, wonderful child

Now left with only memories
Like the feel of you at my breast
With your tiny hand in mine

I never knew I could love so strong and hard
For such a little thing
As I whispered to you nightly
You will always be my little man

Now I realize why God had to have you back to soon
As I cherish every moment that I go to hold you close
I know all I have are memories, but I’ll see  you again some day
I know this much is true

I needed my little angel, but God needed you the most
— Nirvana K.