Have officially completed my first (paid, though not yet) freelance gig. The funds are much needed, but it also was just good for me to use my creative skills in design, writing and editing. I hadn’t done that in a while and its nice to feel back in the game. Hoping to keep this going with more freelancing in the future. Though my house is a mess from the round the clock work of the past few weeks. Well, mostly the couch and my desk area, where I tend to camp out when working on things.

Our life is increasingly chaotic and I’m looking forward to being able to stop and re-organize and re-acclimate for the first time in three months. Time to start working on those goals I made this summer. We’re starting to see some fruit from the journaling program with the kids, so I’m excited to delve into that in the upcoming days. More on that, and real life in general, soon.