I feel like I should be an expert on this topic, given the fact that I seem to spend most of the winter months battling bronchitis off and on. And with bronchitis comes days home alone, sick, and with those sick days comes hours and hours of no human interaction. So on top of feeling sick, you feel like your mind has turned to absolute mush.

But there is hope. You needn’t turn to reality tv marathons on Bravo (not that I ever did that…). You can be sick and still feel human. At least that is my goal for today.

1. Watch movies on Netflix that you would never convince your significant other to watch with you, such as The Young Victoria, Pride & Predjudice, An Education, etc.

2. If you’re like me, you have a hard time just sitting through a movie (which makes being sick even more of a challenge) so I started knitting, and it leaves me feeling like I’ve actually accomplished something while lounging on the couch in sweatpants.

3. I picked this exact copy of crossword puzzles up at an airport bookstore in December. I love it. I’ve done about 25 during my life an an invalid. The rest I did on train commuting or while Joel was watching college ball.

4. Make a hobby out of drinking fluids, particularly tea.

5. Magazines. I subscribe to both of these. The New Yorker always gives me something good to ponder and keeps me on the up and up about current events without having to stare at a screen or peruse several websites. Vanity Fair is perfect for the ill reader’s brain, rotating fluff and interesting articles with every few flips of the page.

6. Writing notes to friends and family afar. I am terribly hoarse. I also can’t seem to get a full sentence out without hacking up my lungs. So I’ve been writing lots of letters, and using this cute stationary Joel bought me from Rifle Paper Co.

7. Keep a hottie by your side. It’s warmth will not only compromise for the lack of heat in your apartment (no thanks to you, stingy landlord), but also make you feel like there is a hot body sitting near you… I’m kidding. But you could pretend. And it does provide body-like warmth.