May 14, 2011

I’ve known Emily for about ten years… her cousin Carolyn is my best friend, and in high school and summer during college, Em was always eager to come along on any adventures Care and I had. Over the years she and her sisters became close with my sisters and me, so we have lots of memories of sleep overs and skinny dipping… Em may or may not still have a scar from one of those skinny dipping adventures, when suddenly a truck came around the corner and she had to dive over a guard rail…

Emily is one of the most enthusiastic and romantic persons I know, so when she and Brad fell in love and decided to get married, she turned all her attention on planning a simple and elegant wedding. Em, you have my sympathy, as it poured on your wedding day, just like it did on mine–and neither of us got our outdoor ceremony–but it was still lovely and intimate. And most importantly all the cherished friends and family were gathered around to watch Brad & Emily become Mr. & Mrs. Krook.

Here are a few snapshots from the reception… sadly I have none from the ceremony, cause I was too short to see over the heads in front of me ;)