We finally have a computer that can handle the size and sheer amount of photos we take. So I just dumped about 2,000 of them onto the hard drive and am now making an effort to get caught up on posting and printing some of them.

Also on the agenda is organizing the thousands and thousands of photos Joel + I have on our laptops and external hard-drives. I need to print several albums. Too often I totally forget about great memories simply because I never look at the photos after uploading them.

That being said, this new computer is more of a business venture than a home for our personal pictures. I am now able to continue with graphic design, and we also want to grow our photography and editing abilities. Photography is a creative outlet for both of us, but if we could hone in our skills and make a little cash on the side, we’d be delighted.

I’m going to do several “Flashback” posts to with events and adventures from the past year or so  as I import our old photos. Love looking back and seeing all that we’ve shared together and with our family and friends!



It is freaking HOT out. Any advice for staying cool in the city? We’ve noticed a lot of water pools around fire hydrants lately… I want to be there when someone cracks one open!