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When we arrived at my parent’s place in Maine last Friday, I felt on the verge of a breakdown. I went out to the garden to be alone and pick the ripened blueberries. I became aware of the sound of the birds chirping and then the kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk of the blueberries dropping into my pail. That’s when I realized just how loud life had  been the last week.

We had 95°+ weather last week, and for us northerners in the city, that means the constant buzz of box fans and window a/c units, more fighting and sirens and music on the streets, and having to escape to crowded stores for some relief from the heat.

But the loud sounds surrounding me were hardly louder than the thoughts inside my own head. From housing to health, and all thats in between, we experienced a series of discouragements and their ramifications have been roaring around my head on repeat.

So after filling my pail with wonderfully ripe and tart blueberries, I went and laid in the hammock with Joel, and took time to just be.