Tonight Joel + I kicked off our Adoption Fund Runs. For every mile we run together, we put one dollar towards our adoption fund. A dollar a mile might not be much, but we feel like setting the value of a mile low will serve as motivation to increase the amount of miles we run each week. That being said, we are not runners. We like playing sports with running involved… but running for the sake of running? No love here.

But we do have a love for for a child somewhere out there that we long to have with us.

There are lots of reasons for adopting, and we have many of our own that I will share with you at another time. But we have always known we wanted to adopt, and due to our current living situation (ie studio apt) and limited income, it is not yet time for us to start the paperwork process of adoption–however we still want to put as much $$ towards covering the cost of the adoption as possible so that when the time comes, we’ll be ready to go.

Thus, the Adoption Fund Runs. It is a win situation for us in every way. We get time together, we get exercise, and we put aside extra money  for our someday child.

I’ve noticed that people are getting very creative in how they cover the expenses of adopting, from selling posters to hosting film festivals. Tell us what ways you or your friends are financing adoption?