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On Monday I read a post about favorite books here. I am forever updating my to-read and have-read lists, and so I could not believe that I might have somehow missed a book that sounded so wonderful as The History of Love. On Tuesday I picked it up from the library. On Wednesday I couldn’t put it down. Today I drove to the beach first thing this morning, plopped down in my beach chair with coffee in hand and read the remaining 87 pages.

It was truly a marvel, and left me feeling. Well, feeling. I don’t know about you, but books that make me feel as though I have deeply felt the emotions of other humans are my most favorite. And if I can just dwell in the feeling of feeling for a few long moments, I feel full.

What is your favorite summer reading? Last summer my favorite fiction was The Living and my favorite true story was Grayson. You can read my reviews of them here.