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I write my husband lots of letters, but was inspired to share one with the whole wide web after discovering this blog.

Dear Joel,

You make me laugh more than you know. Thank you for always making me see the lighter side of things. The weekend was a perfect meld of relaxing and productive for us. I’m so glad we got to spend a day at the lake at Mt. Blue State Park, swimming, playing wiffle ball, and grilling with friends + family. It was so good to see you happy and laughing after one of your hardest, most stressful work weeks to date. I love watching you play with my little brother. You guys rocked at glow in the dark frisbee. Also, your photos of the night sky are (insert Oprah voice here) ahhhmazing.

It was also a joy to spend a whole day praying and planning together, with others for the Soccer tournament we’ll be a part of in September. And I know our life is full of a lot of big decisions to make about the future, but I’m pretty excited I get to wait and watch for what’s on the horizon with you.

This afternoon we will head to the juvenile lock up facility together to visit some kids that we know and love. If anyone ever told me I’d be married to a man who literally spent every day caring for the poor, the orphaned and the imprisoned, I’d never believed such a man could exist. Thank you for your daily sacrifice of love to these little (and not so little) ones.

I love you.

You have mad photography skills.

 All images © Joel Furrow

Happy 18th Birthday, Benny! Glad we were able to toss the old flying disc with you :)

Make sure to click on the images of the night sky to get their full effect!