December 31, 1918 — August 31, 2011

My Great-Uncle Roy passed away after a tragic accident left him badly injured. He was 92 and had led a full life, but his death came with shock and pain none the less. My heart goes out to his wife, my Aunt Doris (my Grandpa’s older sister), his six children and their spouses, and also the large brood of grandchildren and the many great-grands as well.

One of my favorite memories of Uncle Roy is from a four years ago when my sister and a few friends and I spent a couple days with he and Aunt Doris at their winter home in Florida. One morning I had woken up early and was sitting around drinking coffee and chatting with Uncle Roy (Aunt Doris was at her 6am work out class with her bum of an instructor– her words, not mine ;)). We started talking about writing and he invited me into his studio to read the autobiography he had recently started working on. The first few chapters told about his childhood in rural NY, his experience in WWII and (my favorite) how he fell in love with Doris Nesbit.

He first noticed her at West Barre Church. He admitted he and his friends has started attending the youth service not for spiritual guidance, but for girls. Doris’ good looks and straightforwardness caught his attention. One evening, sitting in the parking lot before service, one of his buddies asked which girl he was going for… he said “Doris Nesbitt”… to which his friend responded with, “What? Why she’s so slow she can’t even stop fast!” That last line still tickled him, some 70 years later.

There is much more to the story, too much for this brief blog post. Hoping one of the family members had copies of his writings.

He was a man of many talents who truly took joy in the little things of life. He will be missed.