We’re having a baby! Our little one is due to meet us on July 21st. We are pretty excited, and have had a hard time keeping it quiet these last few months, but now that we’re into the second trimester we feel free to share our joy with everyone :)

I haven’t blogged much, because really, this coming baby has affected how we are thinking about everything in our current and changing circumstances. And also, because I’ve been one of those blessed prego ladies who spends most of her time in the bathroom or on the couch waiting to head back into the bathroom (lovely thought, I know).

We have a lot of big decisions coming up, like where to live (don’t think we can cram a baby in this tiny studio), how we live ($ $ $), etc etc. But we’re just really happy that we are going to have a little one to share life with, and about this whole new journey we are embarking on.


For those of you who are wondering about us adopting, we are still planning on doing so and are looking forward to all the ways God is going to be growing our family.