I don’t have to remind people that we live in a messed up world, but sometimes there are days when I just can’t get over it.

One of Joel’s students, a young girl, barely a teenager, found out she was pregnant recently. Because I am also pregnant, Joel was able to pick up on her symptoms and sit down with her to talk. She didn’t want to keep the baby, but she didn’t want to have an abortion either. She mostly didn’t want her father to find out. Joel obviously talked with her about her home life/family relationships and the importance of getting good medical care for both her and the child, regardless of what decision she made in the future.

He also talked to her about adoption, something that is just unthought of in our community. If you have any emotions toward the baby growing inside you, and your family won’t turn you out, you keep it. If not, you have an abortion. The reasoning behind this definitely differs between the African Americans, the Islanders and the Latin Americans, but the result is the same.

This young girl agreed to meet with one of our good friends who has adopted two of her children, just to hear her story and understand what adoption could look like.

We began praying not only for her and the little one inside of her, but that God would provide a family to love and parent this baby.

And then she went awol. No one could get a hold of her.

Her mother took her to have an abortion on Wednesday. From what Joel has heard from them, he doesn’t feel that it was the daughter’s decision so much as the mother’s. She was worried that if her husband found out, he would leave them again.

Joel got calls from other workers in this girl’s life yesterday who are concerned for her, because after carrying this secret inside her for the last few months, she is now blurting to everyone “I had an abortion”… I’m sure she doesn’t know how to even begin processing her pain. I can’t imagine.

She was almost 15 weeks.
I’m 15 weeks today.

Our babies the size of a navel orange, with eyes and ears, and fingers and toes, and the ability to suck and swallow.